canada group tour
West Coast Wonders – Canada

September 25 – October 3 2022

Here is your once in a lifetime opportunity to discover wildlife and majestic mountains from your spacious, glass dome coach, while awakening emotions of nostalgia for luxurious train travel. Once the sun goes down, the fun doesn’t stop just because the train does.

You’ll explore your brand-new surroundings and end the day with a restful night’s sleep in your hotel. You will also discover the most captivating destinations of Western Canada. Each one is memorable in its own way, from vibrant cities and quaint towns to stunning national parks flanked by towering mountains.

The journey unfolds a series of magical experiences, with every moment seeming to surpass the one that came before it.

galapagos island group tour
Galapagos’ Islands

November 7 – 15 2022

Travel to Ecuador and have a cruise adventure in the Galapagos Islands. As amazing as you think the Galapagos Islands will be, they routinely exceed expectations. It’s a place where lizards swim, birds walk and humans, for once, don’t take center stage. Your cruise trip to the Galapagos Islands sails aboard the Legend, with a maximum of one hundred passengers.

You will enjoy exclusive service and personalized attention, as you indulge in the gorgeous views from any of the outer decks and enroll in one of the countless activities in the social areas.

Our facilities focus on both mind and body and provide you with special places to rest or relax in a peaceful, harmonious setting.

group tour antarctica

February 2023

Are you looking to escape to one of our planet’s last great wildernesses?

If recent events have taught us anything, it’s that there’s something to be said for wide-open spaces and getting back to nature. And there’s arguably no better place to do that than in Antarctica.

This is your chance to take in the unique wildlife and glittering landscapes on an Antarctica voyages. With plenty of opportunities for whale watching and penguin and seal spotting, there’s no reason not to go!

With a range of itineraries, a fantastic offering of on- and off-board activities and a state-of-the-art ship, all the finer details are taken care of. Come and experience the very best in polar expedition travel.

group tour egypt
Secrets of Egypt & the Nile

March 4 – 14 2023

Allow yourself to be treated to a connoisseur’s discovery of this ancient civilization as only AmaWaterways can provide – with an unparalleled 11-night Nile River cruise and land experience that includes exquisite cuisine, authentic experiences and the extraordinary service for which AmaWaterways is renowned.

Sail aboard the luxurious, newly designed AmaDahlia and explore ancient wonders, such as the beguiling Temple of Luxor and the mystifying Valley of the Kings and Queens. Plus, come face-to-face with the last survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Great Sphinx and the three Pyramids of Giza.

This unforgettable itinerary includes exclusive experiences, such as a private tour of the tomb of Queen Nefertari and a private lunch at the Abdeen Presidential Palace. Uncover the many mysteries and secrets that have shaped Egypt’s past and continue to influence the future of this remarkable land.

Pre-nights in Dubai or Jordan and post-nights in Jerusalem also available.

group tour victoria falls

Victoria Falls and Botswana (Africa)

March 2024

Botswana as a destination offers some of the most stunning landscapes, along with magnificent sunsets and amazing stargazing. It delivers unmatched safari experiences, from the thriving waterways of the Okavango Delta, to the Kalahari Desert’s ancient baobabs and meerkats, and the Chobe National Park, where the elephant reigns supreme. 

Experience the extraordinary Victoria Falls, the world’s largest curtain of falling water, center of adventure for explorers of all ages and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

new zealand group tours

Australia & New Zealand


Details Coming Soon!